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  • COMMED MEDICAL, which is one of the leading medical organizations of Turkey is a medical company that has maintained its activities with its international experience and high technology for many years.


Our products are high quality products that comply with quality standards. You can send us your questions and opinions about the products..


COMMED MEDICAL, who has the experience of years in the health sector, manufactures hospital beds and other equipment at the moment as one of the leading companies of the sector. It is a company which can produce solutions for all problems in the sector with its experience and accumulation of knowledge acquired during the years, brings the future technology to our day with its R&D unit and carries out advanced technology production by closely following the technologic developments in the health sector. It is one of the known and trusted names in the domestic and international market, offering different and innovative solutions to all kinds of needs.

Commed Medical: ürünleri A+ kalite olup yüksek teknoloji ürünleridir.

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